{“The grass is not always greener; if someone else’s grass is greener than yours — you need water your grass”}

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the first person to coin the phrase Take Back Your Life — but I am here to give it purpose with #takebackyourlifecampaign.

As crazy as it sounds (or maybe not), we’ve all been unhappy about something in our lives. Yet – and especially during those times – we don’t all believe we possess the power to do something to about it. Whether it be our health, appearance, financial situation, career, relationship or otherwise, it really comes down to doubting a goal we once held on to or losing a vision we once saw for ourselves. And that hurts. Once we’re hit with that doubt, it becomes a slippery slope. More often than not, we succumb to that slope; changing our vision, adapting our goals, putting the brakes on the fight before it even begins. But let me tell you something, I am the biggest culprit…I have done this more in my short life than many do in a lifetime.

I will wholeheartedly admit, I was the poster child for backing down and giving up when faced with a challenge. Overtime, you’ll get to know my story but for now, I’ll just give you the highlights. My childhood was uneventful, in the best sense of that word. I was born with the biggest, most disproportionate eyeballs. We soon learned the reason behind that is I simply see the world through a very different lens than most. I was am…a free spirit, often called a “flower child” by my family or a “wild thing” by my friends. I spent, (and still do) all of my free time outside, soaking up the wonders of this world.

I was just a happy, intuitive, curios kid, nothing seemed hard — until my world got flipped upside down. I was about nine when I first got sick and I got scared. I learned it was easier to just shut out the world; I gave up on being. I was so scared and confined in myself that I didn’t even disclose my symptoms for another three or four years. On one hand, I thought it was normal, on the other I knew something was wrong in my brain and wasn’t ready to face that. But what did I know? I was just a kid. That’s when I learned how to flee, how to give up, how to hide.

The years following, as I developed into a preteen and then a teenager, I became a prisoner within my body. Anything that challenged me, I immediately rejected. I lost any friends I once had. I dropped out of high school. Twice. I gained weight, then rapidly lost it. I was given medication, until I decided I didn’t believe in medication. I harmed myself. I turned to anything that would numb this feeling of isolation and fear. And then one day, at the age of sixteen, I went to a conference and my life changed. I met the speaker – a doctor, he was speaking of an illness I had never heard of. He took one look at me and said, “You are not crazy, you are sick and I want to treat you”.

From that day on, it’s been a rollercoaster. It took many more years to learn what is actually going on in my body, and it will take many more to get back to wellness. The difference is I’ve learned how to fight, now I’m on the journey to take back my life from chronic illness.


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