{“The comeback is always stronger than the setback”}

I have thought about this post for months; I have dreamt about it. The relaunch, the comeback… it’s not what I thought it would be. “I’m back & better than ever”, that was my vision; I wanted to scream it from the rooftops, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. For a while, I couldn’t handle the fact that I wasn’t “well enough”, which certainly back-peddled the “relaunch”. After a long break, much thought and rewriting this post 3,000 times ~ here it is.


These past few months I’ve seen more hospital rooms, doctors and trauma than I could ever imagine. On top of that, and more importantly, I’ve experienced more community, support and love than I knew I needed. So yes, I’m back, I’m not great ~ but I’m excited, I’m hopeful,  and I’m eager to share what I’ve learned with you guys! I am fighting harder than ever to be well, focus on my health, and give back to the community that has given so selflessly to me ~ so hang tight!

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